APC Approach 1: Glengarry’s March – Learning the Fosgailte Crunluath

To me, this is pretty straight-forward. So much so, I make it a rule for myself: play the crunluaths as written.  Whether heavy or light. Whether open or closed. In this case, we see open fosgailte crunluaths.  I tend to believe ALL fosgailte crunluaths should be played open, because they support the melody line much […]

An Interesting Puzzle, and a Potential Opportunity

In my encounters chatting with competitors and judges, one  hears discussions about what constitutes qualifications for aassessing “alternative” settings. This poses an interesting question: Since so many of the current and previous generation of pipers only learn from and know the derivative and secondary sources, and are taught in the dominant stylistic paradigm, where does one find judges familiar […]

Instrumenting the Instrument

Making music is not just a matter of interpretation and technique, the instrument itself makes a difference. This is especially true of piobaireachd where harmonics and mutual resonances between chanter and drones are so important. The highland bagpipe is famously cantankerous, sensitive to moisture and temperature. An instrument may by sounding sweet one day and […]