Glengarry’s March – Bruce Gandy (2015)

For yet another take on this Pibroch, this is Bruce Gandy at the MacDonald Quaich in 2015. It is an essoecially respectful rendition of the tune from a top-seeded competitor, whereby he respected all the distinguishing characteristics of the MacDonald style: streaming cadences, flourishes from high-A, teaorluath gearr, open fosgailte crunluaths, Urlar returns. He did […]

Judges Panel

Allan MacDonald, two-time Clasp winner and advocate of traditional pibroch settings and styles, will be bringing his considerable musical experience to judges panels in Scotland. To learn more about him, visit his website here. This represents a remarkable moment for those looking to compete with traditional settings, since Allan is deeply versed in Campbell Canntaireachd […]