The pipe is not played but sung

This is a little interruption to my series on canntaireachd. It is not altogether unrelated. Keith Sanger recently sent me a cutting from The Scotsman that set me thinking. Dastaram gu seinnim pìob (PS 91) literally means ‘I am seized by passion to sing the pipe’, or ‘Hurrah that I sing the pipe!’, or possibly ‘I am mad about singing the pipe’. In any case, […]

Allan MacDonald

For those of you who are interested, Club Member, two-time Clasp winner, former National Piping Centre instructor, composer and performer Allan MacDonald is available for private lessons (in-person, Skype, FaceTime). You may contact him directly here: Or visit his website: I can’t recommend him highly enough.  His insights have been transformative for me.

APC Approach I: Glengarry’s March – Comparing Recordings and the Question of Genre

After a bit of initial score comparisons, maybe it will be helpful to hear what mid-century recordings we have of this. (Note: even the very earliest recordings we have are 75-100 years after MacKay’s book publication, during which even more major historical events intervened to further sever the connection between the music and its cultural […]